Taking into account the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are channelling our resources to continue to try and help women in specific need of financial assistance suffering from ill health, with the priority on respiratory conditions. As ever, all applications to Margaret's Fund must be done through a caring professional. Apply here for help for women in your care.

grant for clothes, grant for laptop

A Mental Health Support Worker in Leeds received £250 to purchase clothing and a laptop for a woman in financial need in ill health.

grant for a cooker, grant for a washing machine

A Link worker in Cornwall was awarded £500 to purchase a cooker and washing machine for a woman living with pulmonary vascular disease.

Grants for Cancer Patients

An Occupational Therapist from Edinburgh received a cheque for £190 to buy a dishwasher for a woman living with cancer.

grant for heating

A Caseworker from Swansea was afforded a grant of £400 to assist with extra heating for a woman with arthritis.

Disability Grants UK

A Palliative Social Worker in London was awarded a grant of £500 to buy a wheelchair for a woman suffering from COPD.

Funds for Disabled Women

A Housing Support Manager from Swansea received assistance of £300 for a new bed and bedding for a client with cardiovascular disease.

Need a holiday?

A Medical Support Worker from Bristol successfully applied for £400 for a Respite Break for a client suffering from TB.