Taking into account the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are channelling our resources to continue to try and help women in specific need of financial assistance suffering from ill health, with the priority on respiratory conditions. As ever, all applications to Margaret's Fund must be done through a caring professional. Apply here for help for women in your care.

About Us

Margaret’s Fund is a UK charity which awards grants to CARING PROFESSIONALS looking after women in financial need living in the UK and suffering from any illness.

Since advances in medical science have now substantially reduced the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the United Kingdom, the objects of the Fund have been extended by Orders of the Charity Commissioners (the most recent being dated 20th November 2001) so that any of the Fund’s income, not required for the original purposes, may be utilised by the Trustees for the treatment, care, rehabilitation and after-care of women in financial need suffering from any disease. The Trustees are unable to make grants for the relief of debt, nor with hire purchase liabilities, repairs and alterations, transport, general/ongoing funding or educational grants.

Our Story

The Margaret de Sousa Deiro Fund, working name Margaret’s Fund , was established as a charity in 1927. Margaret De Sousa Deiro passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) under the care of Miss Anstace Muriel Howard. In those days, the disease was far more difficult to treat and often terminal. Miss Margaret de Sousa Deiro left a substantial amount of money to Miss Anstace Muriel Howard in her will, who unselfishly decided to use this money to benefit women in financial need who were suffering from TB.