Need a holiday?

A Medical Support Worker from Bristol successfully applied for £400 for a Respite Break for a client suffering from TB.

Funds for Disabled Women

A Housing Support Manager from Swansea received assistance of £300 for a new bed and bedding for a client with cardiovascular disease.

Disability Grants UK

A Palliative Social Worker in London was awarded a grant of £500 to buy a wheelchair for a woman suffering from COPD.

grant for heating

A Caseworker from Swansea was afforded a grant of £400 to assist with extra heating for a woman with arthritis.

Grants for Cancer Patients

An Occupational Therapist from Edinburgh received a cheque for £190 to buy a dishwasher for a woman living with cancer.

grant for a cooker, grant for a washing machine

A Link worker in Cornwall was awarded £500 to purchase a cooker and washing machine for a woman living with pulmonary vascular disease.

grant for clothes, grant for laptop

A Mental Health Support Worker in Leeds received £250 to purchase clothing and a laptop for a woman in financial need in ill health.

grant for a sewing machine

A Small Grants Volunteer in Wales was granted £350 for a sewing machine and other essential items for a woman suffering from asthma.

Grants for recliner chair

A Social Care Advocacy Worker in London received £500 to purchase a recliner chair for a woman suffering from end stage lung disease cardiovascular disease.

grant for a Walking Frame

A Charity Fundraising Officer working in Chesterfield was awarded £400 to pay for a walking frame mobility aid and a special seat for a partially sighted woman in her care.

£250 grant for gas cooker

An Advice Worker was awarded £250 for a woman in ill health who came to her for help to buy a gas cooker.